About Magnificent Mind Counseling

About The Practice

Magnificent Mind Counseling is here to help you reach your personal and/or professional goals. Whether you’re trying to make career changes or simply looking to feel joyful and at peace. Our hope is that everyone of our clients takes the opportunity to live a purposeful life by recognizing and accepting that life is not always as planned. Life gets hard and unpredictable. We’re here to assist you to reach your full potential by providing the tools you need and find balance in a compassionate, professional and nonjudgmental environment.

Life is full of surprises and mystery which can cause uncertainty and fear. These curve balls life throws can lead to a natural inbalance in your brain leaving you feeling anxious, depressed and lost. You don’t need to go through this journey alone, let us help you find the joy and peace you’re looking for with evidence base treatments.

Maria E. Lozano-Vasquez, LCSW

Thoughts from the Founder

Living a life with intention, acceptance, authenticity and passion through the power of mindfulness, empowerment and joy is my mission. In my practice, I’ve had the honor to work with people dealing with difficult medical and mental health situations. A common theme in my interactions with clients has been,”, “finding happiness and peace within,” “reaching self-actualization,” “making dreams come true,” and “feeling content within”.  

We all want to find joy and peace, but at times we get stock and our minds become shattered and saturated with negative thoughts and disillusion. We might feel frustrated, vulnerable, alone, empty and in desperation to find balance and joy or even just some type of normalcy.  You don’t have to go through this healing process alone. I am committed to help you find all the qualities you possess and endure as you were made to be virtuous. Ones you find and accept your potential you’ll be able to succeed in every aspect you set your mind to. My hope is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable and at ease, able to share your thoughts and feelings providing you with the tools to learn how to quiet down the negative talk that might be holding you from the joyful life you deserve.

My goal as a therapist is to join you in your journey to finding your best self in a safe nonjudgmental environment. In doing this, we’ll be looking at your situation from a holistic perspective in which we consider every aspect of your life including, physical, mental, social, and past experiences that might be affecting your personal growth. 

I am married, mother of four beautiful daughters ranging from ages 33 to 11 years old. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, exercising, meditating, praying, volunteering and reading.



Maria is a licensed clinical social worker in Texas (#33709)

She received a BA in Psychology from the University of Houston in 1994 and a Master in Social Work from the University of Houston in 2002

She completed two internships. One at Communities in Schools providing counseling for at risk High School students. Then she had the honor to do a rigorous internship at one of the largest VA medical centers, The Micheal E. DeBakey Veterans Affair Medical Center with a focus in mental health care.


Maria has a diverse work history giving her the experience to work with various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Having worked in multiple settings with a wide range of diverse populations including patients with multiple mental and physical health conditions, inpatient/outpatient cancer patients and their families,  at risk teens and young adults dealing with sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancies, parents and children going through the judicial system, single parent families, relationship issues, end of life planning, and individual and group clinical services.


She has a certification in End of Life Planning and American Humanics

 Maria is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Association of Oncology Social Workers